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The Somewhere In Niagara online store has been live for a week or two now. This innovative initiative allows locals to either stop by and pick up prints, or have them delivered – anywhere in Niagara.

These print sales put expensive gas back into my ever-thirsty tank, and bring the beauty of Niagara to more people, putting gallery quality images literally into the hands of those that want them. It lets me continue doing what I love: Exploring. And it lets me engage with people. Buyers receive physical prints to cherish and, often, I can share a story behind the photo. It’s a personal touch. Everybody wins.

Sale and delivery of image prints through this store is (currently) only available to residents of the Niagara region. Buyers further away or wanting more options can contact us and we can make arrangement via our main store. In this store, our images are available in larger sizes and assorted mediums, with framing and without. Fulfilled by professional print labs and shipped right to your door, we offer everything from canvas wraps to metal prints.

I digress. This store is (currently) exclusively for high quality low cost prints. The online store can always be found under Photography in the menu above as ‘Photos For Sale‘. At the time of writing the first twenty (20) photos are online and ready to order. I am working through my back catalogue of images to add more. With so many to choose from, I will schedule and roll new items out over time.

So now would be a great time to Subscribe to the site to make sure you don’t miss future additions.

Prints available for all images by request.
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Watch the video for my take on quality control and other relevant information that will be of interest. Honest. Whether you watch the video or not (I recommend it), please read on. There’s more, and it’s actually interesting…

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“Somewhere In Niagara” is meant to bring the hidden parts of this beautiful region to people that may have never seen it. Less well known places. Off the beaten track. I aim to inspire and encourage others to explore, if they can. If they can’t they can enjoy my photos. Which may be landscapes. Action shots. Many, many sunrises. It’s a varied selection but all with the same theme: Niagara.

“The whole idea behind “Somewhere In Niagara” is that it’s a feeling…”

Carl Green

The plan is to include print delivery destinations into future explorations. If I deliver to an area, I will spend the rest of the day exploring that area. The delivery fee covers my gas for that day. Fair. This sits nicely with my other initiative, Hiking With A Photographer. Here, I tailor an outing specifically for you, based on what you want to see and where you want to go. And we go exploring together.

Privacy Matters

On a side note, I want to say that I am always respectful of private property and privacy issues. This has rankled with some that insist I say where a photo was taken. I won’t usually say, unless it’s obvious, a clear landmark like Niagara Falls for example. There are many reasons. Privacy, safety, wildlife protection. There are more. So if you ask where a photo was taken and don’t get a reply, please don’t be offended. The answer is in the post. It’s Somewhere In Niagara.

Some locations will be well known. Some known only by those living close by. I always take pains to obscure identifiers like mailboxes and house numbers. I never step onto private land. Everything else is fair game. It could be something on your front lawn, which you placed there to be admired so I am happy to help. Or it could be something deep in the woods a mile from the nearest trail. Who knows?

That’s the thing, you see. Even I don’t know. I go where the mood takes me. Always in search of something new. And all I can say with certainty is this: It will be Somewhere In Niagara.

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And thank for joining me on this journey. Onward.

Prints available for all images by request.
Subscribers get more. Get articles and exclusive content delivered right to your Inbox.
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