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Buffalo Water Intake

Our Image Of The Week is this closeup of the Buffalo water intake at the mouth of the Niagara river, Fort Erie. The windmills of New York State dance along the shoreline behind, like backing singers at a concert, while a multitude of birds fish frantically in the foreground.

Residents may not have seen this building close before, sitting as it does way out on the lake. To Canadian eyes it’s hardly more than a dot on the horizon. But it serves a purpose. The Buffalo Water Intake does exactly what you would expect from the name. It takes in water. Lots of it. This building sits atop a man-made hole, into which gravity drops around 125 million gallons of water from the lake per day. Water is channelled through underground tunnel to a treatment plant on shore, which does it’s thing, then supplies most of Buffalo with drinking water.

All this, through that little dot on the landscape. Who’da thunk it?
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