Close-up of an owl

Image Of The Week: Owl Selfie

The Image Of The Week is an extreme close-up. It is rare to get close enough to see the tongue of an owl. The detail in this image shows the fine feather textures and razor sharp cutting edge of that vicious beak. Also, my wife and I can easily be seen reflected in the eye of the bird. So it’s technically a selfie.

This is a timely choice for this IOTW. Tomorrow we revisit the Canadian Raptor Conservancy to see a dozen species of raptors, up close and in flight. We’ve been twice before, and though it is a couple of hours drive it’s worth the time and gas money to see them in a natural environment flying free.

I aim to return with a camera full of images from which I can make more 2023 Calendars on our return. So watch this space. And of course… now is a good time to subscribe. Subscribers get more.

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Keeping his eye on us

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