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Drone Fun

The trails behind the Robin Hood Mill in Port Colborne are host to dirt bikes and ATV’s throughout the year, come rain or shine. For these types, mud and ice are just more reasons to visit. As 2023 heats up the trails are becoming drier and dustier, giving the whole scene a surreal look reminiscent of a moonscape. Apart from that massive building on the horizon, of course. And the trees. And the tire marks. OK, work with me here.

I was preparing for a drone shoot East of Toronto. Part of that preparation is an equipment test to make sure my gear is fully operational. I chose these trails to do those tests, and so found myself just flying around and having fun. After inspecting the drone I replaced a couple of propellers, and spent the next hour going back and forth just to see if the batteries had held up through the winter. They had. Everything checked out A-OK. Time for fun.

When I got home I took the drone footage into my computer so I could examine it and make sure the camera was OK and recording. It was. I had taken a variety of stills and video (testing, testing) and liked one in particular. I worked this up in Photoshop to suit the moonscape feel, and used some of the test video footage to make this 1 minute short. I think I like it. I think you will as well.

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    1. Thank you! Hoping to roll out some new things over the summer. Watch this space. And tell your friends. 🙂

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