Snowy Owl at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy

Up Close with a Snowy Owl

This owl is a resident of the Canadian Raptor Conservancy, a bird habitat / sanctuary on the outskirts of Simcoe, Ontario. This wonderful place is home to a wide range of birds of prey (raptors) from around the world, and also home to a large following of photographers like myself that regularly visit for a 2-hour photo session where they can get up close with a dozen species from owls to eagles and learn a little about the birds and their life cycles.

Every bird has a name. The owner, James, is very attached to the birds and knows all their personality quirks. Some have been with the Conservancy since birth, in some cases a decade or more.

The Canadian Raptor Conservancy (CRC) attends events throughout Canada and North America, demonstrating and showcasing birds to enthusiastic crowds. This allows the public to learn more about our feathered friends and that often generates interest which leads into other areas of learning and exploration.

Several of the birds have appeared in TV shows and movies that you may have seen. James will be happy to let you know which birds have appeared in what during your visit. Income from these appearances supplements the ongoing upkeep of the CRC. James is reticent when asked directly whether the birds receive any royalties…

If you want to know the name of this or any of the other birds I would encourage you to get in touch or visit the CRC yourself. It is a year round operation. I visit two or three times a year, and am certainly going again. It’s worth a 2-hour drive each way plus the cost of entry. It really is that good. Check ’em out.

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