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SIN Ep. 15: Canadian Raptor Conservancy

Owl be back

In December 2020 I visited the Canadian Raptor Conservancy, home to several species of Raptors (Birds of Prey) from around the globe. It’s a fantastic place I can fully recommend to bird lovers and photographers alike. Words really cannot do it justice, so I made the video below. If you are interested in visiting this oasis of natural beauty near Simcoe, Ontario, go take a look at their web site and see for yourself.

Though only a few minutes long, this video has been a long time in the making as I keep tearing it apart and starting again. I also could not choose a single Image Of The Week. In the end I decided to stick to my go-to KISS format, enjoy the slow motion video, and go with a Gallery Of The Week instead.

This was a surprise visit, a birthday gift from my wife. I want to go again, with her, fully loaded with gear to get even more, even better photos and video – this whole day was shot on an iPhone.

So here is the link to the Raptor Gallery. And here is the video. I hope you enjoy it.

And James, I’m coming back. See you again soon.

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