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The Right To Remain Silent

A friend’s Facebook post yesterday joked that arguing with a woman was like being arrested, in that anything you say can and will be used against you. I jokingly replied, “Hey, you always have the right to remain silent… “. A little later I thought about that. I added an extra twist and made the design below.

Married – I have the right (but rarely the common sense) to remain silent.

I wanted this to be a gender neutral design. It’s about relationships of any kind. It’s about learning to laugh with each other. To know when to concede points, not make them. About knowing when to argue and when to keep your own smart mouth shut. Relationships. They’re complicated.

This design is to wear in public, proudly declaring your relationship status to everyone around. Which means, wearers of this design have a bonus get-out-of-jail-free card: The next time someone hits on them in front of their spouse, defuse the misunderstanding with a smile. Not my fault, light of my life… it says right here I’m married. That’s got to be worth a few points in the marriage bank. 😉

Decisions, Decisions

70+ products. Why not go for a bedspread? Throw pillows seem appropriate. Or maybe a set of not to be thrown matching coffee mugs? Because the right to remain silent really does work both ways…

The usual range of apparel and merch is available here.

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