Scroll, Troll...

Scroll, Troll…

I am prolific on social media. I have naturally, therefore, encountered my share of the vitriol, abuse, stupidity and hate which are the domain of the friendly neighbourhood keyboard warriors affectionately known as Trolls. I no longer waste time engaging with these aggressive beasts, nor feed their need for showboating and argument. I take away the oxygen from their fires and just ignore them. Usually with a smile emoji.

However, some can be particularly aggressive and will not stop, going increasingly postal on anyone that doesn’t defend themselves – classic bully tactics. In groups silence might be perceived as defeat, or tacit acceptance of the troll’s point. What is a person to do? Well, I came up with a simple response: Scroll, troll.

A dismissive, effective, humorous earworm. A classic put down that says “I’m not doing this, you bore me. Go away”.

Then I thought of all the times I’ve seen such animals in the real world. At grocery stores, bus queues, parking lots, even walking down the street. And I thought, you know, it would be great if this phrase could be used to stop real-world trolls right in their tracks. If there was some way to shut them up before they even opened their foul mouths. To let them know their brand of acid is not welcome. That one is, in fact, not a person inclined to tolerate unsolicited irrelevant and offensive bullshit. So I made this.

Scroll, Troll...

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“Scroll, Troll…” T- shirts

this design is available in 62 other products! Cothing and wearables, for casual wear as well as items for home and office.

For the streets, the home, the office, the bars and clubs. T-shirts would be excellent for a girl’s / guys night out. Tired of getting hit on while out with friends? Wear this. Out on a stag or doe pub crawl? Have everyone wear one. How about a mug for your desk? A phone case to smile nonchalantly behind when confronted as you ignore the screaming troll in front of you? Watch them turn purple with rage as you smile and those around you start to giggle. Fun times.

That big eye (yes, mine) is jarring enough to make most trolls pause for a second. Bullies don’t like being stood up to, after all. Letting them know you have your (my) eye on them is often enough. Scroll, Troll. Let it roll off your tongue. It’s a great throwaway line as you just keep walking, head held high and smiling. Leave them in your dust.

That’s where they belong.

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