Moove Along

While driving around #somewhereinniagara, I passed a clump of trees. Sheltered in the shade of those trees, I saw several cows enjoying some respite from the late afternoon sun. I stopped and put the car into reverse.

I sat for several minutes, watching as each cow in turn returned my gaze over the fence between us. Correctly deciding I was neither threat nor food-bearing, they grew bored and went back to consuming grass. Too lazy myself to step out of the car on such a hot day I nudged her backward and forward until I had framed up the composition I wanted. Those trees framed the cows beautifully and made a natural sun shade.

While I was in the middle of this a large truck pulled up in front of me, between me and the cows.

The property owner, returning home, was wondering what I was doing. I smiled and waved the camera. We exchanged a few words. That sufficed to reassure and the truck moved on and into the yard. Not wanting to outstay my welcome I soon moved away, but not before taking some photos. I waited a minute or so for the cows to settle back down (animals that live in fields are easily excited), and fired off a dozen shots. These are they.

Three From One

Well, actually this is they. By which I mean all three images here are actually the same image. Just cropped a little differently. The first gives a wider view. The trees framing the small herd gives a feeling of the surroundings. The second image shows one small and one large cow, invisibly tied together by the composition. Are they mother and daughter? Perhaps. I like the dynamic here. The third image simply shows a close up crop of the main animal. Placid. Unphased. Relaxed. Strong. It’s a matter of taste and the mood of the day.

All three images work. I would be interested in feedback or comments on the three variations. Again, it’s literally the same photograph, just different perspective on it, each with a different feel about it. It’s amazing what a difference a crop makes. Don’t you think? Discuss.

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