Whole Lotta Rosie

Whole Lotta Rosie

Finding myself at a loose end this past weekend due to my wife’s work schedule, I thought that rather than stay in alone I would get out, make the most of it, and do something different.

Somewhere In Niagara this week sees me on location for a photo shoot with a most unusual model. Just for fun. I skipped the usual paraphernalia. No lights, no reflectors, no flags, flashes, or fiddly bits. No point. Not for this. Just me, a camera, and Rosie.

It can be fun to travel light, if you consider carrying a stuffed elephant around with you travelling light. Though she doesn’t take direction well Rosie is an otherwise perfect model. Patient, undemanding, and above all a good listener with zero requirement for small talk. A rare combination, I have found.

I have to say I enjoyed our outing immensely. Especially the waves and smiles and laughter of the people I drove past. Being silly can make others happy, it seems. It’s always nice to bring a smile to a face or two as we travel through this life. It costs nothing, and feels good. One father and his kids even stopped fishing long enough to applaud. I’m not sure why.

I didn’t put the Image Of The Week online. I doubt anyone wants Rosie for their office wall. But if they do, I can put you in touch. For a small finders fee. Other images available on our Photo Site.

Be sure to comment, Like, Share and / or Subscribe to the Youtube channel if you enjoy our silly shenanigans. And I hope to see you again next week, Somewhere In Niagara.

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