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Another Sunrise

Another Sunrise, Somewhere In Niagara

I love to see a new day begin. There is something about it which makes anything possible. So I go out, and see the world awaken. Again and again. This week in Somewhere In Niagara: Another Sunrise.

I was fortunate enough to see several sunrises this week and the weather cooperated beautifully, with enough cloud to give interest without blocking the sun. We all enjoy clear blue sky days, but to the camera few things are less inspiring. Clouds are our friend. The early morning haze contributes too. Before it burns away in the first few moments of dawn this ephemeral atmospheric mist refracts sunlight across the sky giving the scene those amazing colours. Blink, and it’s gone.

The Image Of The Week is actually three – I found it so hard to choose the sunrise I liked most. So they are all up there on the photo site, in the Niagara gallery. I hope you enjoy.

Here’s the video.

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