Niagara Falls Hydro Plant tunnel

Niagara Hydro Plant

180 feet below the Niagara River, through millenia of rock and shale and cement and dirt and mineral… runs a tunnel. The tunnel is a half mile long. It was carved with blood and sweat and steam at the beginning of the 20th century by engineers and labourers without computers. Without CAD, any kind of ground penetrating radar, and without anything beyond their understanding of math. They used pen and paper and sheer indomitable spirit. A huge undertaking. A massive challenge. And an unqualified success.

Their tunnel emerged at the foot of Niagara Falls. Exactly as planned.

And that is just the beginning of this amazing story. To get the whole tale and see the wonder that this tunnel is a part of, do yourself a favour. Visit the Hydro Plant in Niagara Falls. And prepare to be amazed.

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