TheBowieLives playing at the Roselawn Theatre, Port Colborne

God Is An American

This post title is the recurring refrain from David Bowie’s “I’m Afraid Of Americans”. So what? So, I have had this track as my cell phone ring tone for almost a decade. Clearly, I’m a Bowie fan.

Which is why, when the Starman fell to Earth for a couple of hours on a cold November evening in Port Colborne to revisit his followers at the Roselawn Theatre, Nikki and I were right there. Front row.

This tribute band are as close as you can get to David Bowie without the man being on stage himself. Since his death in 2016 the world has been a less colourful, quieter place. This performance brought some life back into the world. They are an excellent band in their own right. Live music for the win.

I cobbled together this little video from the raw footage I grabbed on my iPhone. Hardly planned. A bit haphazard. But silk purses and sows ears, and so forth. It kinda works. Enjoy. And let me know what you think in the comments. And subscribe. Also, check out the band, hashtag #TheBowieLives

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