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IOTW: Another Epic Sunrise

Sunrise is one of those easy targets. It really is hard to take a really bad photo of one. But to take a really good one, something epic, well. That’s almost as hard.

On waking this morning, I opened my eyes and looked out of the window. I instantly knew sunrise could be epic: Little cloud, zero wind. For the kind of photographs I like to take, that’s a potent mix. I don’t like completely empty skies. They’re boring. Clouds add interest. Zero wind, well that adds other levels of possibility. I like my photos to have middle and foreground elements. That often means foliage or at this time of year, tree branches. Thing is, branches tend to move if there is wind, which can ruin even the best shot. Zero wind, zero movement: Epic.

Like a veritable winged gazelle I leaped cheerfully from bed and landed feet first and fully dressed. Throwing the camera bag nonchalently on the back seat of the car, I headed to Timmies. At sunrise o’clock, everyone needs caffeine. Moments later, one large steeped tea in hand, I headed manfully onward into the wilderness I call ‘Somewhere In Niagara’.

Somewhere In Niagara

Treelines are perfect for photos at this time of year. With no leaves, tree branches make wonderfully complex frames for the rising sun. A convenient fence gave me foreground, the treeline middle ground, and the sun, spilling its gentle light across the early morning scene became background. Perfection. For my tastes, at least. The resulting photo joins my epic sunrise photo collection, and adds to my memory bank. Memories that keep me warm at night and give me pleasant dreams.

This image joins my collection of Epic Sunrises at this link and is available for high resolution viewing or purchase as framed wall art, canvas wraps, and many other choices, to those that want such things. If not, just enjoy the photos.

I had the presence of mind to grab the dash camera as I left the house: The Image Of The Week is in fact a 2-minute video. Ha! Surprise! Watch the video, the epic sunrise photo is at the end. 2 minutes. Go on…

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