Reeb's Bay Sunrise

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The Somewhere In Niagara Image of the Week today was taken shortly after sunrise at Reeb’s Bay in Wainfleet.

The morning began overcast, roiling grey cloud from horizon to horizon. Blustery and cold wind whipped the trees. I went out anyway, ever hopeful. I thought I would explore the old quarry and see what birds were around. The wind, blustery enough to blow thoughts of fog or early morning mist on the water from my mind, was also strong enough to blow the clouds quickly across the sky. Within ten minutes of arriving at the quarry they began to clear. As soon as I saw the blush of pre-dawn through the grey I jumped back in the car and headed quickly to the nearest place I knew I would be able to see the sun clearly: Reeb’s Bay. And it did not disappoint.

Those strong winds kicked wave tops into foamy crests, which caught the low morning sun beautifully amid that soft dawn glow that morning people know all too well. I sat for a good fifteen minutes and just soaked up the sights and the sound of the wind and the waves and the gulls, and watched the sun crest the trees. Only then did I take out the camera and begin. Because sometimes you just want to enjoy the moment. And enjoy it I did.

Sunrise Over Reeb’s Bay
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