A freight truck crosses the Garden City Skway in St. Catharines

Garden City Skyway

Somewhere In Niagara is a bridge.

The Garden City Skyway in St. Catharines bridges the Welland Canal, providing a high capacity East-West traffic route for the QEW.

Prior to construction all traffic used the old jacknife bridge, which was a significant traffic bottleneck. The old bridge remains and still sees very high usage from local traffic. Both bridges now work together to maintain the flow. It’s a local vs through traffic thing.

This vehicular symbiosis works for many reasons. To give just two, locals don’t have to concern themselves with surplus traffic blocking streets, and vehicles crossing the canal via the skyway don’t have to worry about the bridge ever being up. Neither gives a thought to the other, and all go on their merry ways. It works. Everybody wins.

But the view from the Garden City Skyway is better.

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