DSLR vs Cell Phone

As much as I love my iPhone there are some limitations with the camera. 12 megapixels is laughable these days. Even Android phones with much larger resolutions have some hidden issues. Their 128Mb resolutions are largely the product of computational processing. AI dictates what the camera thinks it saw. And when you zoom in, it really shows.

Compared to a DSLR. DSLR’s have a lot of limitations. A DSLR can’t order a coffee or email your spouse, check your lottery ticket or train timetable or… a million other things our phones excel at. But one thing they do really well is take high quality high resolution images.

Images you can crop into without losing significant quality. Cell phone images really start to break up when looked at under the microscope. Not so with DSLR. All three images below are the same one, just at different crops. The furthest away was the actual. I zoomed once, then twice. The final zoom is a little over five times the size of the original. And still looks good. It would make a good social media post or even a postcard. I didn’t even process it much. Just zoomed and exported. With a little more love I have no doubt I could print this large and frame it. I can’t imagine doing that successfully with a phone image.

I happen to own a DSLR, but the principle applies to mirrorless or any other kind of camera. And we haven’t even talked about medium or large formats. Real cameras win. Every time.

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