Two Trees

The Trees Of Life

I have a penchant for natural framing. It appeals to me. Two Trees naturally make just such a frame. Whenever I see two trees I look between them to see what may be seen.

These two trees particularly stand out, framing the wilderness growing between them. The yellows and greens of the tall grasses are given depth by the orange of the leaves in the trees on the horizon, with the skyline above them contributing to the layer cake. A sunrise of colours. Frames within frames.

These two trees are connected by their branches, reaching out tentatively to connect.

It brings to mind Michelangelo’s The Creation Of Man, where the two touching hands symbolize God giving life to Adam. Or maybe that’s just me, being fanciful. This could be the arboreal version. Which, when you consider that all plants and trees grow from parents in much the same way as humans, may not be too far from the truth. Either of these trees could be parent to the other. Humans, animals, plant life. We are all linked. We all share common ground. Life. And all that that entails. There’s a thought.

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