It’s Time

For years I have driven the roads of Niagara, exploring and taking photographs. For years, I have shared those photographs freely with the world. For years, the majority have lived on my hard drive.

It’s time.

I’ve started creating products for home and office. Clothing. Things people can enjoy in their homes and closets. Things featuring my images. Made by curated providers delivering the best quality and shipping globally. Anyone, anywhere, any time, can get these items with my images.

I will add to the range over the coming year, in hopes that my images will take on life beyond my hard drive. And, maybe, add a few drops of fuel to my thirsty gas tank. Fuel does not buy itself, dear viewer, and every little helps toward the cause of my continued travels Somewhere In Niagara.

I hope you will find something to your liking. If you know others that might enjoy these, share the links, if you wish. Or don’t. No pressure. Enjoy the images, that’s all I ask. It’s time.

Prints and products for all images by request.
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