Senile Delinquent

I heard a phrase recently which was quirky enough to make me smile. ‘Senile Delinquent’.

We are more used to hearing ‘Juvenile Delinquent’. But the idea of an elder being as ornery and curmudgeonly as an adolescent sits well with me, a man now working his way through his early sixties. Senile Delinquent. Just saying it makes me smile.

I made this series of products so others could share the smile, spread the love, and be as ornery as they want. Delinquency has no age barriers.

As well as aprons, classic T’s and other clothing items and products are available. Throw pillows and coasters are popular items. Because old delinquents like us deserve to be comfortable when we sit.

Senile Delinquent


Old people can be rebels too. The difference is, they have bail money. The Shop Now button will open an external site from where this apron is available in many more colours, and on other products. Price varies based on user selection. Payment, product fulfillment, shipping, and after sales support are handled by Redbubble, our…

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