Deer. No Headlights

On a driving break for lunch I slowed to cross the train tracks Somewhere In Niagara and came face to face with this young deer.

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Only a few feet away, it showed no inclination to run, being more curious than anything. I calmly put the car into reverse and backed away twenty feet or so. After rolling down the window and grabbing my camera from the back seat I pulled forward again slowly, in time to see this animal sniffing hesitantly at the train tracks as if they were something new and unexpected. I quickly took some images while it was figuring out what it planned to do next. No train was coming. I would have blasted my horn if there was, made it run. But that was unnecessary.

Rather, this young deer took one last inquisitive look at me before stepping gingerly over the tracks and moving leisurely into the undergrowth. I sincerely hope I am the only human this deer will ever encounter. We are not the best at sharing this planet with others. This young deer was alone, yet unafraid. For whatever reason, there was no family around. Which to me spoke volumes.

The life of a deer is not long nor is it easy. Onwards, my silent friend, in safety.

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