Goat Island, NY

The Other Side Of Niagara Falls

Yesterday, Nikki was working and I was feeling advenurous. So I grabbed my passport and headed off to America to see the other side of Niagara Falls.

I actually went across at the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie, because I was scouting a location I will visit in a few weeks for a shoot. After that, I headed up the Niagara to Niagara Falls to see them from the American side. If you are a Canadian like myself living somewhere in niagara you will know ‘our’ side of the famous falls very well. If you have a passport you can simply walk across the Rainbow Bridge for the princely sum of $1, and see Niagara Falls from a new perspective. New perspectives are always good. In my case, I was driving, coming up along the Niagara river from the South. Arriving at Goat Island I navigated the throngs of pedestrian tourists and parked up close to the falls. Grabbing my camera gear I went for a quick stroll. Goat Island is the last point of land before the waters of the Niagara river fall into the yawning chasm of Niagara falls. And it is a most amazing view.

Goat Island would be better renamed Gull Island. The rocks here are the resting place for the gulls that dive with such precision to catch fish falling over the falls. This assembly point is also where they eat, and, as is the nature of gulls, where they fight over food. The quantity of gulls gathering here is reminiscent of shuttle parking at an outdoor event. It’s worse than New Year in Niagara Falls.

The waterline here allows access to the very edge, which is the only way to ensure nobody is in the shot. But be careful if you get close. One wrong step and you might be the next news headline as you go over the falls. It is quite exhilarating. The sound and fury makes the heart beat a little faster. Looking over to the Canadian shore through the mists of Niagara falls really makes you feel homesick for a land only feet away. Odd. But hey. Odd is good, too. I only had time for a brief visit, and the area was absolutely buzzing with other people. Another time, I will come back and enjoy the other attractions. The Cave Of The Winds is one place I would like to visit with Nikki, as is the observation tower. Maybe we can visit the casino. I don’t mind being a tourist. Occasionally. Once a year. Maybe.

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