Port Colborne Optimist Club craft show 2023

Craft Show

Regular visitors might have noticed a slowing down of content being posted on this site. I apologize. But Summer is a busy time of year generally, and for event photographers particularly. Particularly those serving as media directors for their local Optimist Club. Case in point, the 2023 Canal Days craft show here in Port Colborne.

With footfall still being calculated we guesstimate in excess of ten thousand attendees. I lay no claim to the success of the event beyond getting the word out. Our team worked long and hard to pull this off and will be spending the next couple of weeks laying down in a darkened room to recover. And they earned it, they really did.

Anyhoo, I won’t waste time recapping events I will simply link to the article I wrote on the web site I created, host, and maintain. So, there’s a shameless plug. But apart from that, I’ll let the event speak for itself. Click HERE.

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