Christmas Eve 2023 behind Robin Hood Mill

Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve 2023 and I am out exploring. While Nikki gets things ready for tomorrow I am more than happy to get out from under her feet as she bustles around, and offer to go on a Timmies run.

Of course, I made a detour. She expects that.

Today I stayed local, and went to the area behind the Robin Hood Mill in Port Colborne. This place is very popular with dirt bikers as it has been completely sculpted into a vast network of interlocking trails with jumps and switchbacks and all kinds of challenges for them to enjoy.

Not to much today, though. Today, being December, this a grey and featureless wasteland. Still beautiful, just in a different way. More like another planet. And without bikes. Apparently the current generation doesn’t enjoy mud as much as mine did. Or, more likely, perhaps it’s simply because today is Christmas Eve and they have other things to do. So do I. I’m doing them. Here’s the video.

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