Carolinian Canada

I have not quite yet summoned the courage to venture into this particular wilderness. More accurately, common sense tells me this would be a bad idea. Courage has no relevance here. Let us, rather, not be stoopid.

It is an area of significant import, biologically, geologically, and geographically. Carolinian woods and forests and, yes, swamps are important parts of the ecosphere. When I go here during the warmer months it is inhabited by what seems an ever-increasing number of new insect species every year. To the point where I can say with certainty, this is one of only two locations where I never – I repeat, never – open the car window in Summer. And were I to ever venture tentatively out of the car, I would wear a full body hazmat suit.

The myriad unfamiliar and (to me) unidentifiable bugs are beautiful. Their multitudinous iridescent chitinous exoskeletons make my eyes weep for their beauty. They are undeniably a sight to see before you die. Which may not be long after they descend voraciously upon your frail human form to devour you whole.

That said, stepping off the road does require some courage. This is a swamp. A person is as equally likely to impale themselves on something pointy as sink up to their eyebrows in mud. A buddy system is recommended for those wishing to undertake such an endeavour. And good luck to you both. Me? I like calculated risks. And I calculate this one not worth it. Without a buddy. I usually ramble alone. So for this one? Stay on the road. And enjoy the beautiful carnivorous bugs from the safety of the car.

Carolinian Canada

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