A lonely gull flies through the mists of Niagara Falls in search of breakfast

Busy Weekend

The most recent IOTW was shot during a very busy weekend which started with a Saturday sunrise photoshoot at the Fort Erie Peace Bridge. I have so far worked through over 200+ photos taken from the day and there are more to add from Sunday. Of those looked at so far, here are just a few images I liked.

As the day progressed we worked our way along the Niagara Parkway, taking in the wide variety of birds in the bare Autumn trees: Cormorant, Goose, Sparrow, Blue Jay. Even two Bald Eagles, taking a morning siesta until they tired of us and flew away – eagles are not a rare sight along the Parkway. We even saw a stag, which is rare.

One thing all these images have in common: All were shot #SomewhereInNiagara, our hashtag. Please follow it for inspirational images from across this beautiful region. Or Subscribe using the Big Friendly Green Button.

Tastes change, mine too. I do like to try different treatments and developing techniques. It’s part of natural growth to push boundaries. These images differ in appearance, for this reason. It is not uncommon for me to have a half dozen variants of an image. Each with a different look.

Adobe Lightroom Tip

My software of choice is Adobe Lightroom, which has a ‘Virtual Copy’ feature allowing each image to be developed in several different ways as though they were separate images. The variations only exist in the database and the original remains untouched. This saves space and gives creative flexibility which would be otherwise unavailable. If you use Lightroom, I would recommend exploring this feature with your favourite images. You can edit the main image to your tastes then experiment freely on virtual copies without fear of losing those original changes. Virtual Copies are a lot of fun and encourage play. Which is itself a source of creativity. Try it.

Blatant Plug

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed our busy weekend along the Niagara Parkway. They can’t do justice to the immersive experience. For all the sounds and smells and amazing views, you have to be there. And you can, with our Hiking With A Photographer initiative. Come exploring. With us. It’s fun.

But that is another story. For now, check out these images. Enjoy.

  • A gull flies across the face of Niagara Falls
  • A willow over a creek reflecting Autumn dawn light
  • Sun over Lake Erie as waves lap the beach
  • Sun breaks through clouds in Wainfleet, Ontario
  • A lonely gull flies through the mists of Niagara Falls in search of breakfast
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