Watkins Glen

When it comes to waterfalls, Watkins Glen in upstate New York always comes to mind. Around four hours across the border from my home in Port Colborne, Ontario (including snack breaks), Watkins Glen State Park is home to a gorge which cuts through the landscape for over two miles. Descending four hundred metres over its course, the gorge features towering cliffs on either side, and is home to nineteen (yes, nineteen) waterfalls.

Watkins Glen is located at the bottom of the Finger Lakes, a beautiful region. We can recommend the Two Goats brewery (see this video I made), popular with locals and tourists alike, and where the ceiling is full of dollar bills pinned there by customers throwing darts. But that’s another story.

Maybe more famous as a NASCAR venue, Watkins Glen is a small town that turns into a major metropolis during race season, traffic wise. If NASCAR is not the reason for your visit it’s worth checking the race schedule before heading here to avoid culture shock.

As well as the gorge and the NASCAR track, Watkins Glen offers a selection of attractions including a harbour, boat trips around the lake, boutiques and antique shops, and even a Walmart, if needed.

We camped at the Six Nations. We ate at the nearby Seneca Lodge, a welcoming venue where the bar has things pinned to it with actual arrows fired by customers. Using actual bows. I’m sensing a theme here. Oh, and there is a bear in the roof beams. But that, too, is another story.

Watkins Glen waterfalls

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