Turtles on a log

Turtle Hunt

Nikki is working at the weekend. I have made arrangements to collaborate with a fellow photographer, and go on a turtle hunt.

We know there are turtles out there. Our goal is to find them, and shoot them. With cameras, of course. There have been several reports of turtles in various places. We will drive around until we find them. There may be lunch. There may be laughter and conversation. There may be unspecified shenanigans. Who knows? Even if our search fails, we will have had a fun day out exploring together… Somewhere In Niagara.

This image of two painted turtles sunning themselves on a log was taken during a previous outing at a well-known location. Which, of course, I won’t reveal, for the myriad reasons stated many times elsewhere. Enjoy the image. And remember to subscribe so you don’t miss future photos from… well, you know.

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