Bird, Thinking

Somewhere In Niagara I recently came across this bird.

Clearly in a thoughtful mood, it just stood and stared straight ahead. If it was looking for food, it’s head never moved. If it was in pain, it never flinched. It might even have been asleep. (Do these things sleep with their eyes open? I know their nictitating membranes mean they don’t actually blink as we do). I think it was just enjoying the afternoon sun. As was I, as it happens.

I hung around for a while, motionless. I was able to get all the shots I wanted before the bird chose to move on. It just took silently to the air and in seconds, it was gone off over the trees, not to be seen again. Didn’t even say goodbye. Which is not rude, when you consider I walked into his living room and started taking photos. Perspective is a wonderful thing.

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