The Spirit of Christmas

Across the world the year end holidays approach. People prepare to celebrate, each in their own ways. Some do it differently to me. And to you. So what? All of us see the holiday season as one of hope for humanity. In spite of the overwhelming weight of daily evidence to the contrary.

Here in Canada, Father Christmas is immensely popular with kids and retail stores. Father Christmas is not, however, a religious figure. He appears in no scripture. In no sacred text or book of any faith. And yet he is almost universally acknowledged to represent the Spirit of Christmas. Of giving. Of love. Peace. Few really believe in him. But they believe in what he stands for. People leave out milk and cookies. Feed their children stories of presents and chimneys and lists. All of this, across the world, makes him a rallying point for people from the youngest child to the oldest.

This fictional character (whether based on a historical figure or not, there are no flying reindeer) is the one thing on which all can seemingly agree. A willing suspension of disbelief. A sign that we all want to live in the kind of world in which Santa is real. When you think of it that way, maybe there is hope after all.

Merry Christmas!

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