My car, waiting patiently for my return.

The Long Walk

Somewhere In Niagara is a passion project which can take me anywhere in the region. Occasionally I can stay warm in the car, which is really nice during the colder months. Other times, I go hiking. How far I go depends on how I feel. I am as likely to just keep walking as I am to turn around. I can cover miles, or yards. It depends.

The choice is often based on the tiredness of my feet and the weight of my backpack. And how lazy I feel in that moment. Whatever the choice is, one thing remains constant. The warm feeling I feel when I see the car.

The closer I get, the better I feel. No matter how tired or cold or wet or hot, by the time I have my seat belt on I am smiling, and happy and ready for the next adventure. I start the engine, and off we go. Together. Onward, my trusty steed. Ever onward.

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