Port Colborne Lighthouse at sunset

Sunset at the Lighthouse

I have been working my way through my photo archives. As I did so, I came across a number of images taken one lazy summer evening out on Lake Erie for an evening cruise. I reworked them and wanted to share them here.

As we go in to the cold winter months, I reflect on the fun to be had just sitting on the deck of a sailboat watching the world go by. This fast-paced world burns people out really quickly. It’s hard out there. Getting harder by the day. Things like this help you remember what is important. The things you do once you have put bread on the table and paid the bills. The things you choose to do for fun. That could be sports. Debate. The gym. TV.

For me, fun usually involves either a sunrise or a sunset. Somewhere outdoors. Somewhere In Niagara.

Prints available for all images by request.
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