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As part of a site makeover, I set up a ‘Subscribe’ feature to notify people of new blog posts, images, etc., right in their email inboxes. It’s a logical step, as not everyone uses the socials I do, or with the same frequency. ‘Subscribe’ ensures new items always reach those that want to see them.

The new feature is easily found at top left of every screen. Look for the large friendly green button.

Email subscribe button
Up and to your left 🙂

Enter your email address, press that large friendly green button, and wait for the confirmation email to arrive. Confirm the subscription using the link in that email, and that’s it.

Emails sent to subscribers come directly from me, hand typed. No bots. Emails will contain blog articles, exclusive images from Somewhere In Niagara (see below), viewpoints and items of interest. Be assured, I won’t fill your Inbox. I want to engage subscribers, not annoy them. By subscribing, you miss nothing and can always find things later. No searching across socials. All together, one place.

Each email contains a standard ‘Unsubscribe’ button, just as easy to use, so if down the line you choose not to receive further emails it’s ridiculously simple to stop getting them. No shenanigans: Stop means stop. Of course, then you won’t receive photos from Somewhere In Niagara, and other interesting things… Sad face.

Note: Some items are posted exclusively on this site. So this site is the only place you can ever see them. ‘Subscribe’ means not having to remember to come back to see this exclusive content.

In line with the above, this site will be the focus for content from this time, as I consciously try to move away from social media platforms, which I find are taking up far more time and energy than they should.

This new way of engaging people should bring more content to more people. I will have more time to take more, and better, photographs. That’s the plan. Always onward, right? I’d like you to give it a try. Join me in this journey.

Subscribe today. Use that large friendly green button at top left. And enjoy.

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