Somewhere In Niagara

Somewhere In Niagara

I have toyed with this idea for at least two years, refining. Rethinking. Reworking the format. Always finding some excuse not to do it. Well, today I chose to delay no further. Here is the video to prove it. Somewhere In Niagara is officially launched.

Somewhere In Niagara is a concept, evolving all the time. Simply put, I drive randomly around Niagara taking photos of things I find interesting and fill your ears with trivia as I go. This, my longest video to date, shows my initial import process, without any boring explanations. I just get down to it. At the end you get to see my choice of photo from the day. I hope you enjoy.

A little rough in places, I am surprisingly self conscious talking to a camera in an empty room. Until I get into the flow. This format will very probably change as the channel grows. I hope so. That’s part of the fun.

Please let me know whether you like the video, and remember to Like and Subscribe on Youtube if you do. There is a link to my chosen image for this week in the description there, for those that want to see it at high res in full glory, and maybe grab a copy for their wall.

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