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Somewhere In Niagara: Port Colborne

I’ve lived in Port Colborne since coming to Canada nearly twenty years ago. It’s a fairly small community; under 20 thousand residents. Perched on the North shore of Lake Erie looking across the lake to the United States, this is a border town at the Southern end of the Welland Canal. This, ladies and gentlemen and others, is a city on the South Coast of Canada: Beyond here be Americans.

Port Colborne is base of operations for my Somewhere In Niagara excursions. Over the years I’ve watched the seasons come and go, amassing a vast collection of images. Little snapshots of life in and around this big little city we call home.

I finally got round to curating some of those I liked most and placing them into a dedicated Port Colborne gallery.

From the variegated surroundings, to life in the city itself. From Spring to Winter. Quiet sunrises to the mayhem of the annual Canal Days festival. A thriving, changing, diverse, developing city.

I’ve left out more images than I’ve included. But rest assured I will be adding more over time, since, well, I live here. Readers, you are invited to revisit often to see new additions to this gallery. I will be adding galleries for other municipalities as well. I’ve already begun. Look for them under Places > Somewhere In Niagara.

From the land, sea, and air, featuring this now-departed local landmark water tower, this is Port Colborne. Please, enjoy, and soak up the images which I feel capture some of the spirit of this beautiful, inspiring community.

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