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Driving Miss Nikki

I do like to drag my long-suffering wife with me on my outings when I can. It’s always more fun to share things in real life than as anecdotes when you get home, and we do have fun. A lot. I am just grateful that she allows me to wake her, often long before dawn, and pour her semi-conscious body into the passenger seat. At such times the least I can do is get her a coffee. And sometimes a doughnut.

On our outing today we experienced the joys of other road users. One hit the brakes in front of us, and though we stopped safely and well short, the driver behind was not paying as close attention and did not. He had to run around onto the dirt shoulder to avoid hitting us. No sweat, I’ve seen worse.

I drove commercially for many years and take it all in stride. Best advice, always check your mirrors. If you are about to get rear-ended it’s good to know before it happens so you can prepare yourself and plan an exit strategy: Floor it or brace. Either way, defensive driving for the win.

Though some bad words are thrown around, they weren’t thrown by unflappable me, oh no. It will take far more than that to discombobulate (look it up) me. I could tell you a few tales of life on the open road that would curl your toes. Maybe another time. Anyway.

A change to the format. I simplified it and dropped the sponsor stuff. Though I am unashamedly trying to make a buck, this video is about the pure feel good and banter with my very best friend, Nikki.

The image of the week is as always available on the photo site, linked in the Youtube description as well as below. I hope you enjoy. Please let me know in the comments, and as always, share like and subscribe if you enjoy and want to see more.

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