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Tomorrow sees the annual Port Colborne Optimist Club garage sale and book giveaway. Details on that community event are on the club web site, here. The members rifled their belongings to find things to donate. An annual fundraiser, all proceeds go to community projects.

Repurposing old, often beloved items, is a rebirth of sorts. Dusting them off and sending them to a new home spreads the love. These things will be enjoyed again by a whole new family, maybe a whole generation. That’s better than them sitting forgotten, collecting dust on a shelf.

Corn dolls in an antique store, Somewhere In Niagara
Corn Dollies in an antique store

As a Director of the club I repurposed this image when I wrote the event announcement. Originally taken one hot Summer day at an antique store on the QEW near St. Catharines, as Nikki and I browsed several floors and outdoor booths of arcana. Inside, this doll family caught my eye and I swooped in with my ever-ready camera. It has sat on my hard drive, collecting digital dust, for six long years. Until today.

And that brings me to the point. Take the photo. Always take the photo. This image, six years on, reminds me of a fantastic day. We did nothing special. This, of course. During the day we were swarmed by lake flies, visited the old ship in Jordan harbour (when it had masts), and hiked Balls Falls. All these memories flooded back when I saw this image. I have several hard drives full of images. Each one a memory.

As I get older, looking back on these images brings each memory into sharp focus again. As if we were just there. So I win three times today. Repurposing, or refreshing my memories. Repurposing my photo for the event announcement and this post. And repurposing as part of the garage sale, where everyone is repurposing everything. BTW, you are welcome to visit if you are in the area. See link above.

It’s taken three years. But the photo finally has it’s day. Take the photo.

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