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IOTW: The Bridge

Clarence Street bridge in Port Colborne straddles the Welland canal at this entrance to the downtown core of the City. Regular visitors will know I go up in a plane and circle the city occasionally. Which gives some amazing images. But the thing about planes is, you can’t ask them to stop while you take a photo.

Here, I sent the drone up at the perfect time and place (I planned ahead) to align the bridge with Clarence Street itself, which runs off into the far distance. The detail on the bridge is fantastic. A little is lost on export for the web. In the original image I can’t quite make out the license plate on the car but I can tell you how many people are in it. The shadow of the bridge shows the time of day. It was early, just after sunrise. The sun was at my back, as the city came to life.

This. This still, perfect moment. This is why photographers do the crazy things we do.

Clarence Street

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