Balls Falls, Lincoln, Ontario


Spring is here and the weather is stabilizing, almost to the point where longer hikes can be considered while wearing regular clothes. The trick is to get the timing right.

Waterfalls like this one at Balls Falls in Lincoln, Ontario, are wonderful places to visit when there is water flowing over them. As Spring moves into Summer, rivers and creeks and waterfalls sometimes dry up leaving just some damp rocks to stand on. Not quite as inspirational or photogenic.

This is why road users and hikers alike should be on the lookout for an increase in photographers on the trails and tracks during the seasonal switchover. Photographers are out hunting for waterfalls before they dry up. Photographers are easily identified by the size of their backpacks, which tend to be larger than themselves. Sometimes photographers will set up their gear in the middle of a trail to photograph a leaf, and hikers would be advised not to touch tripods or other gear as it just isn’t worth the tantrums that follow. Better to throw rocks from a safe distance to attract their attention, and after a brief conversation they will usually move aside gracefully so you can continue along the trail.

Photographers. We’re a weird bunch.

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