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Posting images online is a problem. On one hand you want them to look amazing so you edit and polish and export them to look beautiful. On the other hand, you crunch them to save file size and loading time. On the third hand, because hey who’s counting, social media scrunches images further so they lose even more detail.

Enter Video, and the one minute image format I came up with. One image, zoomed, panned and explored, in one minute. See the eyes of a bird. The talons. The wings and those feathers. You would see none of that detail unless the original full size image was uploaded, and that’s just not practical. Far too large. Original image sizes vary, but are roughly three screens wide and two high. And nobody wants to scroll that much. So I came up with this and will try it on a few more images to see how it is received by my audience. Each image will of course be available for purchase and the videos will have links in the description for those looking for something for the wall.

On a side note (pun intended) the audio track features Australian song bird Sinead Burgess. Her song Ramblin’ Man perfectly captures the vibe I want for SIN and speaks to me on a very personal level. So much so that I chose it for my theme several years ago and use it on all my SIN intros. Food for the ears. Crank it.

Please leave a comment below, letting me know how the format works (or doesn’t) for you. Fair and honest critique is always appreciated and welcome. Trolls can scroll. Enjoy!

Prints and products for all images by request.
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