Morning Deer

Sometimes, photographers drag themselves from a warm bed before the first light of day cracks the sky. Sometimes, they drive to a location and wait. And sometimes, the sun wants to play hide and seek, and never even peeps from behind the clouds.

And then there are days like this.

I was out and about somewhere in Niagara and this beautiful creature was just crossing the open field. It was so early that critters do not expect to see humans. They move freely at this time of day. No people. No farmers. No vehicles. Except me and mine. My arrival made this morning deer pause mid step.

I pulled over. Turned off the engine. Stayed in the car. Opened the window. And just sat. All the while this deer watched, curious. I was far enough away to not be a clear and immediate threat (this youngster never having encountered guns, apparently). I had my long lens on the camera on the passenger seat, so I slowly lifted it and shot this.

Two minutes later the deer got bored and sauntered slowly away, eventually disappearing into the bushes edging the field. And I drove on.

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