Turkey vulture flying over a road

Image Of The Week: Turkey Vulture

I shot this image when I pulled over below a crowd of Turkey Vultures. As I got out of the car I counted 15 overhead. Circling this recent roadkill. Until one cautiously swooped down for a closer look. I hate that roadkill is a thing. But at least this creature did not die in vain. It will in death feed others and thereby give them life. Nature goes to work. The circle of life continues.

It’s a sobering thought, one which I felt made this shot worthy of being named Image Of The Week.

Interesting point, Turkey Vultures aren’t technically birds of prey (Raptors). Raptors attack and kill their food. Turkey Vultures are carrion birds, exclusively eating things already dead.

To our human eyes Nature can be cruel, but it is always efficient. There is a place in nature for most things. Including natures’ very own road clean-up crew, the majestic Turkey Vulture.

The full size version is available in our photo site. Click here or on the image to open it in a new window and see all the detail in those huge and powerful wings.

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