Ivy on the silo

Climbing Ivy

As I drove around #SomewhereInNiagara recently the sun on this silo caught my eye. The bright red Ivy clinging tenaciously to the man-made structure really contrasted with the surrounding elements. As the late afternoon sun slanted across the barn, silo, trees, hay bales, and grass, I just had to stop and take it all in. Then take photos.

My photographic eye was spoiled for choice. I could not decide which framing I preferred.

The close-up that shows more details as well as the barn? The long shot with the tree to balance the composition? Or the vertical that focuses the eye and accentuates the silo? I’m torn.

Click each image to open each image in a new window for closer inspection. Use the Back button to return.

Then discuss. Which do you prefer, and why? I’m genuinely interested in any feedback.

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