Bridge 21 At Sunrise

I recently posted a video of this spectacular sunrise at Bridge 21 in Port Colborne. At the same time I submitted a still image to the Niagara This Week online publication. I was gratified to hear that it has been chosen as the Image Of The Week for the Region’s web site and social media channels including Facebook and Instagram and so forth (it’s here). It may also potentially appear in their Niagara municipality sites, space permitting. So far I have submitted four images to Niagara This Week. Three have made Image Of The Week.

The image has a wonderful warmth to it. Sunrise is always special. That bird flying over the bridge is the chef’s kiss. Perfect timing. Watch the video, enjoy the image. Visit Port Colborne. You’ll like it.

Prints available for all images by request.
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Beidge 21 in Port Colborne at sunrise
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