Close up of motorcycle front wheel

Bike Nights

As an event photographer I am called on to shoot everything from weddings to workplaces. Biker clubs like to have weekly ‘bike nights’ at their clubhouses or a local bar. They eat, dance, drink sensibly, and party for a few hours. Some have ‘slow races’, or burnout contests. Nothing too wild, or bars would not have them back. But they can have high attendance, with bands, and bikers from around the whole region coming over to visit. They are very social events and a lot of fun.

At one bike night event I went into the parking lot to get shots of the bikes during a lull in festivities.

This front wheel caught my eye. Being a fan of chrome and precision engineering, I went for a close-up. It picks out details only a petrol head would appreciate. And speaks to me of speed, high octane, and immense screaming power under perfect control ready to be called upon in an instant.

I liked this image so much I made business cards from it, and they got me some bookings. Target audience reached: Bonus. That’s one of the purposes of effective design.

I tend to promote landscape and wildlife shots because being outdoors exploring is how I like to spend my spare time. But a photographer worth their salt can shoot anything. And we do.

Close up of motorcycle front wheel
Bike front wheel – click for larger view

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