Album cover mockup

Album Cover Mockup – The Crossing

I created an album cover mockup for a fictional album by a fictional band, Styx (not).

Here’s how it came about. During one of my early morning outings I captured the mist-shrouded Clarence Street bridge in Port Colborne. The gloomy atmosphere lent itself to thoughts of the river Styx, the legendary River of the Dead, which no living being can cross. Travelers must be carried across by the ferryman, Charon. He charges each passenger a toll before he will carry them to their final rest. Those unwilling or unable to pay are doomed to walk the earth eternally, in search of a peace they will never find.

With this cheery thought in mind I also remembered a photo shoot some from time ago. The concept for that one was ‘shave and a haircut’. It was a charity fundraiser where the guys (there were two) would be sponsored to get their lengthy hair cut and their heads shaved. For the shoot and accompanying poster we brought in the scythe and a pair of gardening shears as a joke, and had two volunteers hovering over the guys as though about to start cutting hair as they shrank in fear. It worked well for that piece.

I have several unused images from that shoot in my vault, including the one I used here.

A little trip to Photoshop, some masking and several adjustment layers, and we have our album cover mockup and concept art. Throw in some text and a dummy logo, the result is a cover that would catch my eye, and hopefully yours as well.

I think Brad here makes a perfect Ferryman.


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