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The Beautiful Game

Soccer, or to give it it’s correct name, Football… is known around the world as ‘The Beautiful Game’. It’s a game that brings joy and anguish to millions every single weekend.

It’s a game that keeps on giving.

GYST was recently brought in to produce a promotional video for the Port Colborne Soccer Club, with the aim of raising the club profile within the community and social media, driving player registrations, and boosting volunteer involvement. A big ask. Of course, we were happy to accommodate.

A few phone calls led to some initial meetings, and a tentative outline was sketched out with the club’s Technical Director. I put together a storyboard, from which I derived a shot list, and went to work. Crossing items off as they were completed, I soon had everything I wanted: Drone footage, player close-ups, footwork, callout boards, team training. Lots and lots of B-roll. For added production value I recreated the club logo in Illustrator and animated it in After Effects. It makes a nice extra touch. It’s the little things.

The documentary format originally planned was ditched when the promised audio voiceover track did not materialize. Half expected, I didn’t miss a beat and quickly made some directorial decisions. I had already sourced a fantastic sound track from the Epidemic Sound audio library, which aligned perfectly with the alternate story I wanted to tell: We were going a different way.

In time to the music, we start with a few establishing shots. Building from an empty pitch, we go through hard work, training, perseverance, to… but I won’t spoil it. Watch and enjoy.

Feedback so far has been universally positive. The club directors love it. The players love it. The fans and parents love it. The City loves it. Job done.

About the club

This film highlights some of the joy and community spirit that drives the Port Colborne Soccer Club.

A board of directors coordinate everything. Multiple teams of multiple age groups play local and away games in a league that brings families together, and brings visitors to spend time and money in the local economy. The games make a great weekend activity and builds lifelong friendships. And rivalries.

Sponsors (including myself) volunteer time and money to provide the resources needed to keep the floodlights on (yes, actual floodlights) and the balls rolling. This Club is a volunteer project, time and skills freely donated and sponsored by local businesses: This video production was unpaid, hence the unashamedly promotional end credits. (Hey, if big league sponsors can put their names on the shirts, I can put mine on the video. :))

Volunteer coaches teach kids from 3 to 18 how to work together. Sportsmanship, teamwork, competition, and grace in victory or defeat are just some of the character building traits learned along the way, traits which will last a lifetime. Just like the friendships made. Social skills and exercise. What is there not to like about this?

At community level, Football really is the Beautiful Game. And this is a beautiful club.

To find out more, perhaps get involved, or just give your child something to do with their free time that doesn’t involve an electronic device, check them out at pcsoccer.ca. Tell them Carl at GYST sent you.

Now enjoy the video.

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