Small church in the woods.


“Oh, Little Star Of Bethlehem”…

So begins the hymn sung by generations across the globe to celebrate Christmas. Stars shine just as brightly during the day as at night. Only our own sun shines brightly enough to be seen during the day like this.

Science says another star went supernova a couple of thousand years ago, making it bright enough to be seen above a stable in Bethlehem and dominate the night-time sky. The supernova would have incinerated everything within the local solar system, including any life-bearing planets that might have been circling it. That sobering thought has provoked another generation of debates and arguments of all kinds amongst theologians and barroom philosophers.

But not here.

Here, we just want to say “Merry Christmas” to those that celebrate it. Happy Holidays to those that don’t. For us, it’s that simple. Love to all, from Carl and Nikki.

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