Manhattan Island Skyline, New York

Somewhere Not In Niagara

As I trawl endlessly through the thousands of photographs on my computer I reflect that I am often so busy taking photographs that I often don’t actually do anything with them. They accumulate on my computer, and I have every intention of doing… something… with them, at some unspecified later date. But that often doesn’t happen as I’m off taking even more photos, many of which will meet the same fate.

Case in point, this image taken somewhere not in niagara. Freedom One as viewed from atop the Empire State Buiding in New York. Manhattan offers an abundance of amazing skylines to view. 360 degrees of intricate glass and steel beauty. This is one from our most recent vacation to New York, that has sat there along with others from the trip for the last two years. No more. It’s time, at last, to share this with the world. Enjoy.

New York, New York
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