Safe As Houses

Lake Erie can be quite playful at times. When the waves crashed against the concrete during a recent seiche that little bird house seemed invulnerable to any impact, literal or figurative, from the storm. It seemed to look down and mock the poor swamped ground-dwellers below. Hubris, my friends.

This wind-driven wave hit with a crash that made the ground around me quake, producing a spray reaching far higher than the pole occupied by the bird house. To this observer it seemed two playful kittens were batting at each other, just out of reach. Until Lake Erie pushed a little harder, connecting and yelling a celebratory roar in it’s triumph. I may need to cut back on the caffeine.

Waves hit a bird house on the Lake Erie shore
Lake Erie playfully soaks a bird house. Lowbanks, Ontario.

For those concerned for the fate of the little birdies, I do not think the bird house was occupied at the time. Birds are far more practical than humans when it comes to getting out of the way of bad weather. Being sensitive to such things, they knew it was coming and left long before the storm hit.

This was one of many spectacular views from along the shoreline. It was a rather spectacular day.

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